Demon detection:
Is there an interest in philosophy? With philosophy, people may often try to get you away from religion. Pure and true religion is good. But philosophy attempts to explain causes and reality and what we should do and meaning, oftentimes, without God.
Is there a downward trend and a loss of meaning?
Is there a draining of life?
Is there a swelling of pride or a swelling of good inside of person, which the demon tries to make you think that it is a good thing and perhaps a bearing of good fruit, when in reality the demon is trying to push good out of you?
Is there a repetitive cycle of a twisting of truth and an attempt to crush the person, through means of guilt, fear, intimidation, evil, etc?
Is there a repetitive cycle of attempting to bring the person down and down and down and down, through continual and continuous and relentless attacks on coaxing out good and crushing it away?
Is there a sensation of darkness?
Is there a lot of words, and not a lot of meaning?
Is there brainwashing and cultism in the atmosphere?
Is idolatry involved?
If so, there may be demons possessing people...

-How to get rid of demons?
-Types of demons? In particular?