-Demons coming from giants
-Book of Enoch: valid?
-oppression of certain types of people?
-people still with giants' blood today?
-Nephilim, Zamzummim, Anakim, etc... other names...

Demons hate you and really want to kill you. Demons really want to kill you. Make no agreements with demons. If you make agreements with demons, you are consigning yourself to hell. That is, if you say, "I'll give you my soul if you let me do this," they might agree, but if you keep on making deals with them to extend your life, to get yourself out of situations, etc, etc, etc, it might or might not initially work, but eventually they will grow tired of using you and eventually let you die. They will use you for their purposes, and then kill you.

Make no deals with demons.

Demons try to get you to stop praying to God. They know prayer to God, for us humans, is very beneficial to us. They try to get us to stop praying to God, and will use any and every method to get us to stop doing it. Whether fear, intimidation, trying to get us to think it's wrong or that we can't do it, making us feel guilty, etc, etc, etc.

Don't buy into it.

Remember, God is the one who destroys demons.

Now on the flip side: Are there good forces in this world too? Yes. God is the ultimate good force. And there are also other good forces on His side, besides just him. There are good spiritual forces that do the opposite of what demons do.

We need to understand just how evil demons are. These are not fairy-tale forces. These are wicked, evil forces that hate humanity and kill and deceive man and woman.

We have an example in the book of mormon, which is a demonic book. In the book called Alma, in the book of mormon, we have an example of a guy who prays to God and the reward he gets from his prayer is that he is struck down as if dead. Smith doesn't tell you, but he is trying to scare you away from praying to God. The very source of comfort and strength and righteousness we have, God, demons are trying to get you away from. They're trying continually to twist your thinking and your mind to get you away from God completely, whether through prayer or anything else that's good. They are completely evil. Don't fear demons, fear God. Love God. Serve God.

The book of mormon offers no comfort that God's true word does, and the book of mormon is devoid of the Spirit. God's word IS the Spirit.

The book of mormon is a wicked, evil, nasty, counterfeit, demonic book. It poses as God's Word when it's really satanic. Read the Bible instead.

You can understand why the topic isn't fully detailed in Scripture. God means not to scare us away from His truth, but bring us into His truth and righteousness. Let's serve Him in peace and joy and love and truth!


It's the wrong kind of fear. It's that irrational, unnerving, freaky fear that you might get by looking at dark clowns, or snakes, or spiders, or something like that. It's the "phobia" kind of fear, rather than the right kind of fear. We need to fear God, meaning the true reverence of God that brings us closer to him, instead of the irrational, freaky fear that pushes us away from God. Demons use that irrational, freaky fear a lot. Yet God can and does use demons for His purposes. Provided the person makes it through the trial and does not die, he/she can later look back on his/her past experiences and thusly turn to God.

God uses demons.

Yet why do they exist in the first place? Why doesn't God destroy them all right now?