The problem is, when a vampire bites a werewolf, he gets stronger from it every time. Then he transforms into his final form. Seriously.

We are talking on a metaphorical level. Many men are werewolves and many women are vampires. Women bite into men and draw the blood from their spiritual heart. Men attack others like crazy and dominate the space. Werewolves get a power from the full moon, which occurs roughly every once a month. The problem is for women, when a female vampire bites into a male werewolf, he gets initially weak from it, but then he heals and gets stronger from it, more immune to it, so that at the next time, it affects him less and less, until he is fully immune from bites from vampires. This is simply how it works.

A werewolf's heart has no blood left for a vampire to suck. His heart is white like the moon.

How do you escape from hell? It's not the way it's supposed to be. Soul exchange is involved, grievousness is involved, more things are involved. No, I'm not an agreer of everything in Catholicism. There are some things that are correct in it. Demon possession is somehow also involved. We see today how demons can quite literally incite people on earth to sin. You have giants born when you have angels going into women, and these giants are half-angel, half-human. Do angels still walk the earth today in the form of men? Perhaps. Are there still prophets today? Perhaps. Are there gifts of the Holy Spirit? Most certainly. Are predestination and free will involved? Most certainly. Do miracles occur even today? I suppose. My idea is that when a person who has been condemned to hell somehow decides to call out to God, supposing that even being in hell, God will hear him or her, something happens.
There are levels of repentance the person must go through as he gets to the outer limits of hell, as he reaches his way to the outside, to the outer rim of hell. Once he gets close, he begins to feel hope again. Once he reaches the rim, he decides to take a leap of faith and jump across the rim. Sometimes he makes it, sometimes he doesn't. If he makes it, he enters an outer area of heaven. If he doesn't make it, he tries again later. And later, and later, until finally, he makes it, and then a soul exchange happens. Even after that there are steps, about which we can talk later.

A soul exchange happens. What I mean is, the part of the person's soul that is left (if there is any; if there is not, we can discuss that later) enters into the body of another person currently living on earth. Usually this person is one who is currently demon-possessed, but not always. When that person dies, if that person goes to heaven, the original person has a chance to be saved for all eternity. If that person goes to hell, then the process continues to repeat until the last person goes to heaven.

Matthew 10:28 esv

And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Remember that this (what I discussed above, not the Bible verse) is not the way it's supposed to be.

But when these things happen, these things happen.

As for people on other planets, we know this from Ephesians 5:32:

This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church.

Christ is the husband of the church in a spiritual sense. What happens when Jesus has sex with the church? What kind of children are born? Who knows? Maybe they appear on other planets in the universe. Maybe they become angels or something else. God knows. All I know is that these things are true and possible. More on this later.


God created Satan, but Satan turned against him. Now you have these problems. God could have destroyed him immediately, but instead God gave him a chance. So far he's not taking it.

Read Job. Particularly the start.


Something happens to people who love another of the opposite sex for a long time, not ever giving up on them. They are entitled to a certain type of knowledge that not everyone has. Often politics and an interest in politics is also involved.

E.g. Dante Alighieri


Satan was once one of God's servants. One of the best. But he thought one day that he was stronger than God and could overcome him. He was wrong. He decided to fight against the archangel Michael -- he had stirred up a revolt -- some of the angels were in the rebellion. But they were wrong; they were defeated and cast down to earth.
But will Satan one day come to repentance? Is it possible to fall from heaven once you're in it? Is it possible to sin in heaven? Things like these, I am not sure.

Satan rebelled against God, but God gave him a chance -- had mercy on him. But still, there is a punishment.


Some people in hell don't want to leave.

Vampires and wolves are enemies. They kill each other. Vampires and even normal wolves are enemies, but vampires and werewolves are even more at enmity. They kill each other. Sometimes the vamps win and sometimes the wolves win, but the wolves win more.

Because they both do the same thing but they go about it in different ways. The wolves are basically more righteous.

When a chump gets bitten by a vamp enough times, he or she may become a vampire. When a chump gets bitten by a werewolf only once, he becomes a werewolf.

Vampires have increased strength and intelligence but need to suck others' blood and hate sunlight. The wolves prosper at the time of the full moon.

There are mostly chumps in the world. Most vampires are female, but some are male. Most werewolves are male, but some are female.

Male vampires like to bite female victims, female vampires like to bite male victims.

Male vampires actually have some control over female vampires. Female werewolves actually have some control over male vampires.

Yes, I said that right. Female werewolves have some control over male vampires, not so much male werewolves. Male werewolves are more independent and accept no authority.

Strange things happen when a male vampire bites a female werewolf. Strange things happen when a female vampire bites a male werewolf.


Vampires must avoid the sun, and attack at night. Werewolves must attack at night but do not mind the full sun.


Basically what we mean is a sucking of energy and life from others, even though we mean this not in a literal sucking-of-blood from others way, but a drawing-of-energy-and-life-force from others way.


Watch out for vampire slayers!